There are many elements that make up a Latin bride, from delectable foods to centuries-old traditions of responsibility. There are also numerous traditional festivals that are distinctive to Latin culture and should be taken into consideration, even though many lovers choose to include unity ceremonies in their bridal.

El Lazo, a well-known ritual, involves draping the couple’s pale cable around their necks to represent their union. Once the ceremony is over, the cord can be worn as a necklace and is typically blessed by the priest or minister. The bride receives 13 silver pennies from the groom as part of the arras coins, another pre-marriage ritual, to represent her beauty and his commitment to provide for her.

It is usual for the bride to walk down the aisle with her parents while the groom escorts his family during the meeting. The bride is frequently given a veil by her dad or another family associate, which is typically worn over her face to represent her innocence and commitment to the bridegroom for the rest of her life.

As guests leave the ceremony, it’s customary toss corn or parrot seeds over the newlyweds. This symbolic action is said to send them fertility and great fortune. Nevertheless, confetti or rose petals have been used in place of this custom by some contemporary people.

There is nothing like a little extra enjoyment and celebration at the end of the night to keep points going! This wild hours, known as la hr candidate, is the ideal way to keep the celebration of the woman’s marriage going. Typically, pulsating patterns of Latin music like dance, flamenco, cumbia, and reggaeton are used to fuel this afternoon of celebration.